The goal of our programs is to help a community or a group of communities develop strong local leadership. We believe that flourishing communities serve as an arena for change, and that a cadre of vision-driven local leaders is essential for creating such change.

Mandel Program for Social Leadership

This one-year program aims to train high quality leaders who will lead change in various areas of life in Israel’s North and improve the quality of life of all its residents. The full-time program provides full tuition and a stipend for living expenses.​​

Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North

This one-year program aims to train visionary leaders who will lead change and devote their talents and energies to creating a better and more worthy society in Israel’s Northern region. The program convenes one day a week for a full day of studies.

Mandel Program for Leadership in the Public Service

This one-year in-service program invests in senior public service officials – women and men, Jews and Arabs – who are strongly motivated to work for the benefit of society both within and beyond the context of their professional roles.

Previous Programs

Since its establishment, the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North has run a variety of leadership programs in several localities in northern Israel.