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A Lesson in Management and Leadership

Afula Newspaper “Zeh Ma Yesh” reports on Morton Mandel’s Visit to Migdal HaEmek

The mayor and the Jewish philanthropist held a personal meeting, during which the mayor presented Migdal HaEmek’s development in a number of fields, with an emphasis on education and industry - both of which are close to Mandel’s heart. The guest thanked the mayor for his warm reception and spoke of being very impressed with his work. He also described his happiness that the Mandel leadership program had been launched in Migdal HaEmek two years ago, with the aim of developing local educational and social leadership and of creating deep and meaningful dialogue among the representatives of different and varied groups within the city.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Barda presented the seal of the city to Mr. Mandel, who then proceeded to meet with the participants of the Mandel local leadership program, due to complete their studies at the end of the month. The participants introduced themselves to the chairman of the Mandel Foundation and to its Israeli directors and spoke about their studies and the importance of the subjects they have studied, such as municipal assets, multi-culturalism, leadership and “the worthy city."               

Mr. Mandel shared with the participants some of his rich experience of leading organizations, both business and philanthropic, saying that the guiding principle throughout his life has been that “it’s all about who,” and that therefore it is vital to invest in people. According to Mandel, professionals should always seek to improve themselves, to raise the bar and never to rest on their laurels.

Mayor Barda spoke about the meeting: “The meeting with Morton Mandel and with the participants of the Mandel leadership program in the city was very moving. His life path, from owner of a small family business to billionaire, and then as a philanthropist giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Jewish people and Israel, is truly inspiring.

“We wish him health and a long life, and that his investments continue to bear the fruit of all the good that he does for the Jewish people and Israel.”