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“Through the Camera’s Eye” at the Kafr Qara Local Leadership Program

The Mandel Kafr Qara local leadership group participated in a workshop on using photographic language to “learn” a city from an educational and social perspective.

​The members of the Kafr Qara local leadership group participated during March in a social-political photography workshop. The goal was to train them to use photographic language as a tool for “learning” a city from an educational and social perspective. The premise of the workshop was that photography enables individuals to connect with themselves and discover their artistic side and their own inner beauty. The language of photography offers a means of self-expression, analysis and criticism.

The camera, like the eye, selects and records images, conveys the unique perspective of the individual and reflects his or her emotional state. The language of photography is familiar and accessible, enabling it to sidestep defenses, spark non-verbal communication and generate feedback that encourages creativity. Photography allows us to focus, reflect, develop and reframe. Globalization has made the camera available to most people, bringing with it the need to preserve this form of art not only as a tool for documenting family or historical moments but as a means of expressing the self.

The field trips during the course involved a combination of movement, walking, and open space through which the participants were able to release energy, discover new viewpoints, and observe their surroundings from a different angle - surroundings that we constantly refer to, but don’t normally transform into a visual creation. At the end of the workshop, we mounted an exhibition of the photographs taken by the participants during the course.