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The Mandel Community in the North Holds a Day of Learning and Connecting

Members of the Mandel community in the North – graduates, fellows, and staff members – went on a walking tour of Acre in which they met with local activists and learned about the city’s challenges and the social activism taking place there

On April 20, 2016, members of the Mandel community in the North – 70 graduates, fellows, and members of the coordinating staff – met in Acre for a day of learning and connecting.

The meeting began with a reception and work in small groups to enable participants from different places to get to know one another. A high point of the day was when participants learned about the work of six graduates who presented their work in two parallel sessions. Another highlight was a walking tour, of the city of Acre, conducted in groups, which enabled participants to meet six social activists who live in the city. Each group gathered in a different café to meet a local activist who spoke to them about Acre, its challenges, and the social activities that he leads or in which he is involved.

The atmosphere, introductions, connections, study, and experiences were above and beyond all expectations, and the general sense was that the groundwork had been laid for establishing a Mandel community that is active and connected.