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The North Presents: A Series of Online Meetings

Each session of this monthly online series for the Mandel community hosts a leading figure in Israeli public life who discusses issues on the public agenda

​In November 2020, the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North launched a series of monthly online meetings with influential figures in Israeli public life. Titled “The North Presents,” the series is open to members of the entire Mandel community – fellows, graduates, faculty, and staff.

The first session, which took place on November 24, 2020, featured Shai Nitzan, former state attorney and deputy attorney general for special matters, who spoke about the conflict between maintaining state security and protecting civil rights. Held on Zoom, the meeting was attended by more than 100 fellows, graduates, and employees of the Mandel Foundation–Israel.

The second meeting in the series featured Dr. Eliad Shraga, founder and chairman of the Movement for the Quality of Government in Israel, a watchdog organization that is currently spearheading the effort to establish a commission of inquiry into the “submarine affair.”

Future sessions of the series will host exemplary people, both women and men, who will discuss current issues on the agenda of Israeli society.

The North Presents