Moshe Ohayon

Moshe Ohayon

Faculty Member and Program Director

​Moshe Ohayon is a graduate of Cohort 23 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, and holds a masters’ degree in management and public policy from Sapir College. 

Beyond his educational work, Moshe is a social entrepreneur and public activist. Seventeen years ago, he moved with his family to Ofakim, where he set up a variety of social and educational projects: after-school facilities for children and at-risk youth, a center for special needs children and young adults, and more. Two of his most noteworthy initiatives are nonprofit organizations that he founded and managed: the Marhivim Ofakim building association, which builds single-story homes for young couples and enables Ofakim young couples and new families to build their home as part of a community, and Tzeida Laderech, and organization that develops leadership among youth and adults; fosters personal, social, and communal growth and development in young adults aged 16 and older; and runs a mentoring program from soldiers from weak sectors of society in Ofakim and the neighboring areas.

Previously, Moshe served as a member of the national leadership of the Bnei Akiva youth movement and held a variety of public positions. He is currently a member of the Ofakim city council and heads the Ofakim Development Association.​