Professor David Dery


Professor (Emeritus) David Dery has been the Director of Mandel Center for Leadership in the North since July 2016. He holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a master's degree and PhD in public policy from UC Berkeley. Since 1995, he has held a variety of positions at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership and in the Mandel Graduate Unit. Professor Dery served as chair of the political science department and as founding dean of the School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He later established and chaired the graduate program in public policy at Sapir Academic College. He has also served in several public service positions, including as a senior policy analyst at the office of Deputy Prime-Minister Yadin, chief scientist of Israel’s Ministry of the Interior, and chief scientist of Israel’s Civil Service Commission. He also held research appointments at the Israel Democracy Institute and the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute. Professor Dery has held visiting and teaching appointments at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Harvard University. He has authored numerous books and scientific articles on public policy and public administration. In recent years, his research has focused on the question of leadership. He proposes to move away from the traditional association of leadership with position, power, and influence and to concentrate instead on the responsibility to care for fellow human beings and to act outside the boundaries of what is known and safe in order to serve humanity.


Safa Garb

Faculty Member and Program Director

Safa Garb is a faculty member of the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North, where she is the director of the regional leadership program. She has more than 20 years of experience working as an organizational consultant, facilitating groups of experts and influencers, and spearheading initiatives and processes for advancing equal employment opportunity within organizations and on a national level. In the past, Safa headed the employment division at JDC Israel, where she developed social services for assisting individuals who seek to break out of the cycle of poverty through integration in the labor force. Safa holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and international relations from the University of Haifa, and a master's degree in public policy from Tel Aviv University.

Moshe Ohayon

Faculty Member and Program Director

Moshe Ohayon is a graduate of Cohort 23 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, and holds a masters’ degree in management and public policy from Sapir College. Beyond his educational work, Moshe is a social entrepreneur and public activist. Seventeen years ago, he moved with his family to Ofakim, where he set up a variety of social and educational projects: after-school facilities for children and at-risk youth, a center for special needs children and young adults, and more. Two of his most noteworthy initiatives are nonprofit organizations that he founded and managed: the Marhivim Ofakim building association, which builds single-story homes for young couples and enables Ofakim young couples and new families to build their home as part of a community, and Tzeida Laderech, and organization that develops leadership among youth and adults; fosters personal, social, and communal growth and development in young adults aged 16 and older; and runs a mentoring program from soldiers from weak sectors of society in Ofakim and the neighboring areas. Previously, Moshe served as a member of the national leadership of the Bnei Akiva youth movement and held a variety of public positions. He is currently a member of the Ofakim city council and heads the Ofakim Development Association.​

Visiting Faculty

Daphi Biran Singer

Visiting Faculty Member and Program Director

Daphi Biran Singer is the co-founder and CEO of the Rothschild Caesarea Partnerships (RCP), an organization established by the merger of two successful leadership programs in 2016. RCP's vision is to promote equality opportunities for all people in Israel and create a better society by empowering young leadership, especially in the periphery. During the course of her career, Daphi has managed and led organizations, programs, and ideas relating to education and empowering youth and students to serve as change agents, with an emphasis on the periphery and on challenged sectors in Israeli society. She also worked in management positions at the Branco Weiss Institute. Daphi holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in the management of educational systems, both from the University of Haifa. She is also a certified coach from the Technion.

Revital Yahalom Hahamov

Visiting Faculty Member

Revital Yahalom Hahamov has been leading change processes and educational and pedagogical innovation in the formal education system in Israel for some 15 years. She has served as the pedagogical development director for the Democratic Institute–Society and Education, where she oversaw the department for establishing innovative schools. Prior to that, she founded and ran the Institute's Halutz (Educational Pioneer) program in the North, which develops educational leadership and pedagogical innovation in the social and geographic periphery, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. Revital has overseen both local and system-wide change processes, and has developed and led training programs to develop leadership among principals and teachers. Revital has taught educational and social entrepreneurship at the Kibbutzim College of Education’s educational innovation incubator and at the Regev Program for Excellence in teaching at the Oranim Academic College of Education. Revital holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Hebrew and general literature from Tel Aviv University, where she also completed a school principal training program. She is a graduate of Cohort 20 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.


Sigal Kanner

Program Coordinator

Sigal Kanner has worked in management positions in startups, where she played a leading role in organizational processes. She also worked in education and in parental guidance as the personal assistant to Professor Amos Rolider. As part of that job, she was responsible for the clinical and administrative management of a parental guidance center, as well as for leading a professional team of facilitators. Sigal served at the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, where she managed the Israeli ambassador’s office and contacts with the UN organizations. An activist for animal rights, she is also a pastry chef who specializes in healthy baking and cooking.

Dana Kleinman

Administrative Manager

Dana Kleinman holds a bachelor’s degree in social science from the Open University. She is a highly experienced senior administrator, having previously served, among other roles, as the administrative director of the Moriah specialist medical clinic in Haifa and as the personal assistant to the clinic’s director-general. In her various positions, Dana has been responsible for hiring, for employee placement and for administrative management of teams. She also has a great deal of experience in organizing different kinds of events, producing a professional medical newsletter and organizing and coordinating courses and social gatherings. Dana served as an officer in the IDF Adjutant Corps, and also as the chief of staff for a divisional commander.

Nadav Rubinstein

Professional Assistant to the Director

​Nadav holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Haifa and is currently completing a master’s degree in the philosophy of science and rationality. He has taught mathematics and English in junior high and high schools, and has extensive experience organizing events.

Hazar Kamal


Hazar holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Netanya Academic College, and has extensive experience in office work. Before joining the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North, she worked at Bank Hapoalim as a teller, and was in charge of credit card and check services. She has previously been employed as a secretary to the executive director of a construction company, where she managed orders and quotations, and as the head of the repossession department of a private law firm.