Continued Support

The Mandel Center for Leadership in the North considers continued work with its graduates to be an important part of promoting worthy and effective leadership in the region's public and social spheres, with the aim of improving the quality of life of all residents of Israel’s North.

The center offers programs that help graduates develop their professional and social visions, their abilities and their skills, with the aim of creating a regional community of Mandel graduates who learn together, collaborate with one another and lead social change throughout the entire region.

The programs continue the work on the clarification of professional and leadership visions while providing opportunities for continuous learning and thinking, and exposing graduates to new fields of knowledge and content.


Over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year we will hold three evening events for the entire Mandel community in the North. These Bimat Mandel events will address the concept of “influence” from three perspectives: humor and satire; the media and its influence on righting social wrongs; and the influence of literature on moral dilemmas.


This year, the center will host three Masterclass Workshops for graduates:

  1. Social Media and Social Change - led by Nimrod Barnea, social media consultant
  2. Learning from Success, based on the model developed by Prof. Yona Rosenfeld - led by Ayelet Ilany, Mandel faculty member
  3. Leadership and Networks - led by Smadar Porat, psychologist, group facilitator and organizational consultant


Peer learning allows graduates to examine anew their work environment and professional activity. Graduates will explore their ability to lead and influence change processes in their organizational settings. Learning will involve both personal exploration and studying texts on core subjects in organizational life.

The series of sessions on Leading Organizational Change Processes: Between the Personal and the Professional will be led by Hagit Shahar-Pereira, an organizational consultant, and Shahira Shalaby, a Mandel faculty member.

A series of sessions on Identity: Between Philosophy and Political Narrative will be led by Dr. Asaf Turgeman, a Mandel faculty member. The series invites graduates to delve into the discourse of identity as an extremely important tool in forming and developing awareness and active leadership.


Tira and Kafr Qara: One day a month is dedicated to visiting graduates of the Tira program and the Kafr Qara program. Each time, between four and six graduates meet with the head of Mandel North graduate programs to consult and share the dilemmas they face in their work. The meetings focus on promoting the graduates’ initiatives and on helping them network with similar initiatives locally or regionally.

Migdal HaEmek: The Migdal HaEmek group meets once a month. Meetings are usually divided between peer-consultation and discussion, and guest lectures about central themes that concern the graduates, generally also followed by an open discussion.

Finally, short courses of personal mentoring are given to graduates seeking help on a specific subject or area.


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