Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Migdal HaEmek, 2013-2015

This program promoted cooperation between the fellows and the different groups within the city.


The overall goal of the Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Migdal HaEmek was that residents from different groups in the city​ would work in collaboration with each other, in the common sphere, in order to advance the city.

To this end, the program sought to:

  • Create a deep and meaningful discourse among the participants, and between representatives of the different communities in the city – a discourse that focuses on common interests while recognizing the participants' different visions for the future of the city, and for improving the lives of all its residents.
  • Develop a more positive image of the city among the fellows and within their social and professional circles, and have them take responsibility for the necessary steps for bringing about this change.
  • Base the participants' practice on an ongoing clarification of vision and values, while examining and reinforcing the connections between these and the fellows’ personal biographies and identities.


Migdal HaEmek Municipality; Migdal HaEmek Center for Human Capital


City manager of the Migdal HaEmek municipality Shalom Zuzut; director of the Center for Human Capital Leora Edry; director of the municipal welfare department Momi Ben-Simon; acting director of the municipal education department Mali Eligov.


Among the issues addressed by the program: multiculturalism; dialogue; narratives of people and place; observation; social planning; civil engagement; relations between Haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) and others.


The program was accompanied by an external evaluation process conducted by Naama Bar-On, co-director of the Mishtanim Institute. The evaluation was specifically designed to serve the ongoing management of the program, and included on-site observations, focus groups, participant questionnaires and in-depth interviews, and interviews with different stakeholders​​.


Ayelet Ilany and Dalit Caspin



Spotlight on Graduates

Liora Pinsky

Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Migdal HaEmek >>

Shamir Nakash

Mandel Program for Local Leadership in Migdal HaEmek >>