Mandel Program for Social Leadership 2018

Mandel Program for Social Leadership in the North

The Mandel Program for Social Leadership in the North, was first launched in 2017, aims to train a group of outstanding leaders who will initiate change in various areas of life in Israel’s North and improve the quality of life of all its residents. Fellows of the full-time program receive full tuition and a stipend for living expenses for the entire year.​​

The Mandel Foundation–Israel seeks to contribute to the flourishing of Israel as a just, inclusive, and compassionate society, and to improve the quality of life of the country’s residents. Based on its belief that outstanding leadership is the key to thriving institutions, societies, and states, the Foundation has invested in educational and social leadership training in Israel for more than 25 years. Recently, the Foundation decided to expand its circle of influence and establish a new program for social leadership in Northern Israel.

We believe that leaders are formed through a process of education and active involvement in entrepreneurial activity alongside values-clarification, self-examination, and engaged learning. For this reason, the program comprises studies in six academic fields, together with practical work on issues and problems that encourage entrepreneurial and systemic thinking.

The program is intended for men and women, Arabs and Jews, who are involved in social action, wish to lead change for the better, and are willing to invest in study and in improving their ability to promote a worthy social vision.​

The third cohort of the program is studying full-time from September 2019 to August 2020. Fellows receive full tuition and a stipend for the entire year, in order to enable them to devote the better part of their time and energy to the program.

​Program Structure​

The Mandel Program for Social Leadership in the North is based on three main components:  

1. Theoretical studies in six subject areas

  • Philosophy – ethics; exploring different visions of the good society and what it means to be a mensch
  • Economics – the main challenges and opportunities facing the Israeli economy; basic concepts in micro- and macro-economics
  • Public law – basic concepts in public law and the Israeli legal system
  • Policy – understanding the intricacies of the policy process and learning to draft policy papers and action memos
  • Government and politics – understanding the machinery of democratic government and the role of local governance
  • Society in Israel – the main challenges and opportunities facing Israeli society​ today
​These theoretical studies provide the foundations for the program’s hands-on, experiential learning components.​​

2. Workshops focusing on five subjects 

  • Leadership – clarifying the question of leadership and its bearing on the life of social leaders and entrepreneurs 
  • Management – equipping fellows with the managerial and technical know-how that is needed to realize their vision
  • Media – communication toolkit for leading change
  • Special Projects – inviting fellows to tackle difficult challenges of meaningful social change so as to come up with creative ideas and solutions; learning from the experience of social entrepreneurs
  • Resource Development – fundraising and securing support for social initiatives

​3. Personal projects

Each fellow works on an individual field project, which is developed over the year. The fellows receive close, personal support from professional mentors, counselors, and professionals with expertise in different aspects of leading social enterprises.



Spotlight on Fellows

Elyah Kadish Hefetz

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Mkonet Gadamu

Mandel Program for Social Leadership in the North: Cohort 5 >>