Mandel Program for Regional Leadership 2018

Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North​

The Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North aims to train a group of outstanding and diverse leaders who have the ability to translate theory into practice, in order to bring about significant change in the varied aspects of life in Israel’s North and improve the quality of life of all of its residents. This in-service program meets one day a week over the course of a year. 

The Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North is based on the belief that "a human being is but a small plot of land/ a human being is but the mold of his native land," as the poet Shaul Tchernichovsky wrote. People derive their values from their culture, the view from their homes, the traditions passed down by their ancestors, and the paths that they pave in the dust at their feet. For this reason, the program’s learning process is based on three main elements: study of the humanities that will enhance the ability to read reality by introducing fellows to ideas and processes, social studies that examine the ways in which the modern state operates, and leadership studies.

The program focuses on Israel’s northern region, which is distinguished by its multifaceted reality. The North is home to individuals and communities of different religions who come from different countries, origins, languages, places of residence, and cultures. Recognizing this, the regional leadership program seeks to leverage the growth of local forces who will lead change and improvement of reality.

The program’s fellows are women and men of vision, who are involved in initiating and leading change and seek to apply their talent and energy to create a better and more worthy society in the North. Living and working in the North, they have experience in management, social entrepreneurship, and social action, and share a deep desire to contribute to society and improve life in the North. The fellows have the passion to influence, the courage to act, and the potential to expand their impact in order to bring about change in Israeli society in the North.

Theoretical Study and Practical Application

The program’s curriculum reflects the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North’s understanding that leadership develops through active involvement in the challenges of the field, along with clarification of values, theoretical study, and self-reflection. Based on this perception, the learning processes of the Center’s programs incorporate the study of the humanities, policy studies and social studies that consider the challenges of the North, and the study of leadership, management, and implementation.

Theoretical studies include:
  • Humanities – History, philosophy, culture, and religion as philosophy
  • Policy – Developing and implementing policy; writing policy papers and action plans
  • Government and politics – the mechanisms of democracy and the role of local government
  • Israeli society – Varied communities, opportunities, and challenges in Israeli society

Practical studies include:

  • Leadership
  • Individual and group assignments
  • An individual project

The program also includes study tours, which introduce fellows to institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs, and social initiatives that can serve as sources of inspiration and shed light on what is required of social leadership.

Guidance and Consulting​

Throughout the program, the participants enjoy access to professional advisors and consultants with expertise in various aspects of leading social initiatives and processes.


Participants in the program are men and women who live in northern Israel and come from all parts of Israeli society. They come from different backgrounds and from all work sectors, especially the social and public sector, and participate in the in-service program while continuing their work. Approximately 20 fellows are accepted to the program each year.

Program Structure

The program is an in-service program that convenes one day a week for a full day of studies, over the course of an academic year. It is made up of some 40 study days and includes several intensive two-day workshops. The program is conducted at the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North, situated on the campus of Oranim Academic College.



Spotlight on Fellows

Gili Krishek Nasim

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Ekhlas Zabit

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