Mandel Program for Regional Leadership 2018

​The Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North​

The Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North aims to train visionary leaders who will lead change and devote their talents and energies to creating a better and more worthy society in Israel’s Northern region. The program convenes one day a week for a full day of studies, with several additional units of concentrated study, over the course of a year. 

​A Combination of Theoretical and Practical Studies​

The Mandel Program for Regional Leadership in the North is founded on the belief that leaders are formed through a process of education and active involvement in entrepreneurial activity, accompanied by values clarification, self-examination, and learning. The program seeks to empower participants and develop their leadership capabilities, through a combination of academic study and practical work that develops a spirit of entrepreneurship and system-oriented thinking.

Academic Studies

The program’s academic studies focus mainly on values clarification regarding the good society, the individual’s role within it, and the individual’s contribution to it. This is complemented by an understanding of the environment within which leaders operate, and of the processes that influence reality and affect possibilities for change.

The academic subjects include:
  • ​​Society and economy
  • Politics a​​nd local government
  • The virtuous individual and the good society
  • Policy formation and implementation
  • Public law

These subjects provide the conceptual basis for the program’s practical learning components.

Practical Studies

  • ​​Leadership and social entrepreneurship
  • Group assignments
  • A personal project

The program also includes field trips that introduce participants to institutions, organizations, social entrepreneurs, and initiatives that can serve as sources of inspiration and shed light on the nature of social leadership.​

Guidance and Consulting​

Throughout the program, the participants enjoy access to professional advisors and consultants with expertise in various aspects of leading social initiatives.


Participants in the Mandel Program for Regional Leadership are men and women, Jews and Arabs, from northern Israel. They hail from a range of professional backgrounds and include educators, social activists, third sector employees, and senior local government officials.

Program Structure

The program, which is made up of 40 study days, convenes one day a week for a full day of studies, over the course of a year. The program also includes several intensive workshops and study trips. The program is conducted at the Mandel Center for Leadership in the North, situated on the campus of Oranim Academic College.